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Read this article on Terrin where he talks about battling cancer and the struggles of coping with it.
Someone been pushing your buttons lately?? Well, here's your chance to take all your aggressions out.............ON RICH!!!  Now go give him a quick 1-2 to the jaw.   Click here to try it.
Holiday Matinee is putting on a benefit show for the Terrin Durfey “Get Well” Fund on April 6th, 2002 @ The Casbah. This special benefit show is being held to help raise money for Terrin as well as awareness on his condition.   Performing will be Ilya, Jack’s Broken Heart, The Dropscience, The Jealous Sound, Beehive & The Barracudas and special guests.

Download your very own  Boilermaker Wallpaper right here.
Go and check out the new TABS section all you guitar players.

Holiday Matinee Newsletter Update - "Terrin of Boilermaker is taking time away from writing new songs to go through chemotherapy to take care of melanoma cancer. Doctor's say he'll make a full recovery...and Terrin tells us he's excited to try on wigs after he temporarily loses his hair from the treatment. "  

New tour dates for upcoming west coast tour with Pinback as well as new stuff in the photo and lyrics section.

**1st Show in 2 Years**
Boilermaker will play the Che Cafe in San Diego on July 27th!!  The And/Ors and Western Expanse will also be playing so it will definitely NOT be a night to miss.  No advance tickets are available so get there early.  

New Boilermaker disc, Leucadia, to be released September 18th, 2001.  A commentary section by Tim Semple and more cool stuff on the band can be found on the Holiday Matinee page.  Also, check out the Sounds section to hear the new Boilermaker track, White Wash.

Now available from Slowdance records, Slightest Indication of Change, featuring The Jade Shader (Terrin's solo